"It is not the company that maintains the process. It is the process that maintains the company." - Alex Elentukh
Software Inspections
SEI assessment
ISO certification
Strategic Planning
Working Groups

We offer a comprehensive organizational program consisting of the following elements.
  • Basic Inspections class includes a half a day lecture and a half a day LAB. Students bring their own work products to the LAB, and never fail to find defects using the structured review process taught during preceding lecture.

  • Inspection Defects Database is a sophisticated Visual Basic program allowing for a consistent recording of found defects.

  • Advanced Inspection class includes a three hours presentation for managers and process champions responsible for planning and supporting an inspection program. Following the class participants are able to analyze results of multiple inspections, distinguish trends from flukes, and map project-specific activities into industry averages.

  • Standard Metrics and Reports allow for a vitally important visibility into your software process.

  • Coordination Infrastructure  We help you to manage the organization of process champions including the facilitation of regular sessions.

  • Process Champion Training  We have been very successful in establishing a network of project representatives. A key to this success has been carefully planned training.

  • Inspection policy serving as a management commitment to a long-term process improvement goal.

  • Inspection procedure reducing to paper the collective wisdom of many generations of developers finding thousands of major defects.

  • Series of checklists used during individual inspections allowing for a joint discovery of common issues.
The reason our inspection program has been successful because it includes all elements of a standard textbook deployment effort that could be easily tailored to your specific project.

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