"It is not the company that maintains the process. It is the process that maintains the company." - Alex Elentukh
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Alex Elentukh is a seasoned professional with over 20 years of experience in the software industry. Before founding Software Process Multimedia, Inc in 1998, he was Program Manager of Fidelity Systems Company, where he managed 35 process champions representing a client base of 2000, and maintained a monthly cost avoidance of one million dollars. Recent experience includes the QA Program Manager role at the Internet content provider, Akamai, where he improved project cycle time from widely varying and unpredictable to a significantly shorter time of 5 weeks. Prior to this, Alex deployed the Six Sigma verification process at Motorola, cutting the field complaint rate by fifty percent. Earlier experience includes initiating the QA department at the successful start up venture, Jupiter, which was later acquired by INTEL. Alex continued working as a QA Director at Intel for five years. Currently an independent consultant, Alex helps companies initiate or improve their process programs. He offers consulting services and staff development classes on a variety of related topics, all designed to enhance product quality and organizational effectiveness. The partial client list includes: RSA, Nortel, AT&T, Lucent, Target, General Dynamics, MBTA, Atico Engineering, Orbacom, and Foxboro.

During the past ten years Alex has taught SQA classes at Northeastern University. He is frequently an invited speaker to staff groups and conferences on software process topics. Speaking engagements include:

- Managing Requirements, Foxboro workshop
- Calculating Cost Avoidance at BOSCON
- The Killer Metric at ASQ panel
- System Reliability Policy at Carmel International Reliability Symposium

Alex received his Masters Degree from Leningrad University followed by numerous industry courses and certifications. He is an active member of IEEE, ASQ and holds the Competent Toastmaster title. In addition, Alex participated in numerous SEI assessments; he received the President's Award for coordinating the first Fidelity SEI assessment. He is also a certified Lead ISO Auditor and QSR Assessor.

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