"Combining video, sound, interactivity into a coherent self-taught presentation." - Bob Gifford

Successful Project

A company-wide survey of software engineers demonstrated that after being hired they spent the first three months trying to locate various pieces of basic information. They were unable to become productive because they had not been introduced to product life cycle, templates, acronyms, etc. After studying the organizational profile, we were able to install on their Web site a two-hour self-taught course covering all relevant topics. Effective exercises included in the course ensured that people retained the key concepts of the software development process.

Successful Project

A senior executive was looking for a way to improve consistency of various projects of her diverse organization. She needed to communicate a unified message to all staff. Such a message was expected to create a cascading effect triggering development processes and project plans. We proposed a set of software policies, which then were extensively tailored for the organizational specifics. We also created a video installed on the Web with senior executive promoting these policies. Each engineer was able to see and hear the message. This left no place for doubt about senior management's personal commitment to process improvement having a definite part in the organization's business strategy.
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